Best of Building!!

At first you can hardly wait to finish all the planning so you can start to build. And then you can’t wait for construction to finally be done! The time in between is… wild! A state of extremes. Rubble and ash. Well, a construction site. And then the first tender little plants start to push up and bloom in the gardens. A quick review of the process paints the picture…

At The Victoria, 19 new top-floor apartments are waiting to be built. Around 50 historic apartments, once almost all sub-standard, will be combined in certain sections and thoroughly renovated. A monster project for our still young company.

In May of 2016, after a long planning and permit phase, construction is finally set to begin. A site office will be set up, and the scaffolding will soon arrive. But first of all, we will celebrate a ground-breaking ceremony with everybody involved in the project.

"Together, we place the first stone; filled with joy, this house will be a home!"


2016: Get going!

Things are happening on every front. Outside, scaffolding reaches towards the sky, while down in the basement demolition work in preparation for the foundation plate is underway. The ceiling structures of the historic apartments have been exposed, and in the courtyard the platforms for what will become balconies are being added. There is quite a bit of rubble to be removed from the site! The steel roof construction is completed at a brisk pace, and now you can make out the shape of the future silhouette. This is where the joiners and carpenters are installing the first rooms, with views and vantage points already emerging. The chimney walls are finished, the elevator shafts underway. New windows have already been installed in the first few flats. Progress in refurbishing the historic apartments is swift.

By the end of 2016, 17 apartments have been reserved or sold — all to really nice buyers. With a positive sense of balance and progress, we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new.


2017: Keep up the good work!

By springtime, the first four original apartments are ready, and the list of completions steadily grows. The renovations include static retrofitting (steel framework, wall and ceiling fortification). Both elevators have been mounted, supply pipelines are entering the finish phase, and all underground cabling is laid. We will soon be able to close up our “pit trap” in the courtyard, never to open it again.

A lot has happened on the roof as well —  the freshly installed windows and roofing highlight just how much progress has been made. Behind the façade, work on the interior is moving ahead at full steam. Electricity and plumbing are done, and the first few dividing walls tell the tale of the rooms to come. What we really like is the unbelievably gorgeous light that streams into each dwelling. Just as we promised! And the view… !
Late summer brings some unfortunate delays when it becomes necessary to switch out an underperforming contractor. We ourselves are probably the ones most annoyed by the situation. However, after a brief standstill, everything is up and running once again.


2018: Finish line!

Early in the year the building remains shrouded, but behind the veils you can catch a peek of fresh plaster on the façade. Say goodbye to the crane — it’s time to finish up the interior, including floors and walls of hardwood parquet, travertine, and porcelain stoneware. Our electricians, plumbers, and master painters are also working at full tilt. As soon as the weather permits, railings will be mounted on the terraces and balconies of the steel construction, and then it will be time to install shading. Up on the roof, the first exterior air conditioning units are ready for installation, while the corresponding interior units are already finished, including all of the Smart Home technology. In most apartments, brand new front doors are ready to be opened, and the first elevators are getting a workout.

Next, warmer temperatures bring an increased focus on the common areas: the stairwells and cellar are in the midst of a transformation, and the façade is getting a final touch-up as well. Last but not least, the outdoor facilities are ready, meaning that the delightful inner courtyard can finally reveal its charms!

By autumn, most of the apartments have been handed over, and all but two are sold. The terraces and balconies are being lovingly cared for, and in the private gardens the first flowers are starting to bloom. The hum of ongoing building activity accompanies daily living, making it unmistakable that life has returned to The Victoria. The settling-in is officially underway, and the first residents’ meeting has even been held.

As the weeks pass, gardens, driveway, parking spaces — all of the outdoor facilities, actually — are nearly complete. And then, by the end of the year, everything’s finally finished. Cheers!

2019: Be happy!

We ran into the mailman in the elevator the other day. He thought we lived there, telling us, “You know... I’ve been a mailman for 34 years now. Since 1985. And — well, this building here has really turned into a jewel. I don’t know about the apartments, but the building: a real beauty!”
With great pride, we can say that the apartments have turned out beautifully as well. And what’s more, the buyers agree.