"V" for Advancing

The drilling for the geothermal probes and civil engineering work have long since been completed. The shell of The Blend is well underway. The striking V-shaped support, which extends across what will later be two stories in the entrance area of a gourmet restaurant, is already an eye-catcher.


The construction site started by excavating 7,000 m³ of earth and drilling a total of 4,400 meters of geothermal probes. And now we are building.
The underground parking garage, building services, and a bicycle room are all in place. The distinctive V-shaped support in the entrance area of the restaurant, located on the corner of Hasengasse and Jagdgasse, can already be seen. Three steel girders, each 10 meters long and weighing 6.5 tons, now support the event space. The shells of the offices and medical practices above are already finished. So are the long, fixed concrete planters, which will later encircle the ground floor area and the childcare facility on Dampfgasse with a grassy greened band.

A mix of prefabricated and in-situ concrete is being used for the living areas above, and the electricians are already busy in the basement. In preparation for building services work to start and risers to be tackled in a completely dry environment, the shell will be temporarily sealed up to the second floor starting in late April. 


Our construction schedule predicts that the shell will be finished by the end of the summer.

And then we’ll have a party. What else?


P.S.: For anyone who perked up at the name Hasengasse ... You’re right! Artist Gottfried Helnwein grew up here, and it is also where Austrian TV character Edmund “Mundl” Sackbauer lived.


The Blend is an excellent example of positive inner-city densification. The site of a crumbling parking garage is the future location of a new mixed-use building that will house 75 apartments with 3,600 m² of total living area, office and healthcare practice spaces, a childcare facility, a restaurant featuring regional products, and an almost 2,000-m² event space. The design also includes more than 1,000 m² of private outdoor spaces and attractive communal areas, including a rooftop terrace for gardening.

The diverse offerings at The Blend keep distances short—which saves time on a personal level, simplifies lives, and results in less traffic, which in turn has a positive effect on our CO2 footprint. The new building’s mix of uses is not only for its residents but also for surrounding neighbors and community members, which improves the feel of the neighborhood. Energy is supplied by innovative systems that include geothermal energy, free cooling, and concrete core cooling, with—of course—microclimates and biodiversity also being taken into account.

An excellent

The Blend was already sold before construction began: to LLB Immo KAG , a special fund based on strict sustainability criteria. The project was part of the International Building Exhibition IBA_Vienna 2022 and is a flagship project of the City of Vienna’s LikeNew+ neighborhood revitalization program. The plans have already been awarded the klimaaktiv Bronze certification and the DGNB pre-certification in gold.