Breaking Ground in Traun

We had planned to have a big celebration and invite all the project participants who have contributed to the success of the project so far. However, we had to postpone the party until next spring due to the Corona virus. But the fact that construction work is finally starting, although with a very slimmed-down ground-breaking ceremony, is the main thing and we are very happy about it indeed!

Together with the master builder and representatives of the City of Traun, we met in a very small group on Friday, November 13 to hold a ground-breaking ceremony for the new St. Dionysius Neighborhood Center. Out came the shovels and fresh earth flew through the misty air. A toast was spoken and sausage and cheese sandwiches — perfect fare for a construction site — were passed around. Mayor Rudolf Scharinger announced the name, chosen by popular vote, of the new meeting and local shopping site: Weidfeld—The St. Dionysius Center.
We Avorisians also expressed our joy: about the excellent collaboration with the city, about the awarding of contracts to regional companies, and above all about the fact that construction is finally starting. We are also very pleased that, in addition to BILLA and PENNY, the EASY DRIVERS driving school and a flower shop will now also be moving into the center. Talks with a hairdresser and a restaurant will be finishing up soon. Click here for the groundbreaking report on Linz-Land-TV.​​​​​​​

Our groundbreaking poem:
The planning, the waiting is over,
groundbreaking means turning the corner.
Today still a field,
but soon the center of the Dionysius world!
A world that satisfies many a need,
which fills the stomachs of the hungry,
which creates health and pleasure,
which brings joy and sunny weather!
Today we poke the shovel in,
and soon, opening day will begin.
To a good, strong structure! 
Cheers to that — it’s for sure!



The Schedule

Most tenders have been filled and we have been able to award construction contracts worth a total of EUR 15 million to regional companies. The three complexes of the STZ Weidfeld will be built as prefabricated units and the finish-ready shell should be finished by November 2021. As new tenants become known, their retail, commercial, or office space will be made ready for occupancy within six weeks. The foundations of the first construction site will be visible this year. Final aesthetic touches are scheduled for autumn 2021. After that, we will start planting trees, about 50 of them — silver linden, Norway maple, plane trees, and oaks — we want to make sure that STZ Weidfeld blends in harmoniously with its surroundings. The first shops will open as early as December 2021.