Sun, a blessing, and rock 'n' roll

Covid and common sense kept us from putting on a grand opening ceremony when the Weidfeld Neighborhood Center was finished in February. But we’ve made up for it now with a spring festival. On Friday and Saturday (May 13 and 14), after the center was blessed, the program included entertainment and rock 'n' roll, with lots of fun activities.

to party!

For the Friday evening kickoff, we were able to book Andie Gabauer to rock the stage of the neighborhood center. There were games, face painting, a bouncy castle, a vintage car exhibition, a magic show, and live performances by Walter Stöger, Rockstory, and Aufdraht! Just our way of thanking the future customers of the Weidfeld Neighborhood Center and welcoming them to the new meeting place in Traun.

A blessed celebration ...


Although the sky above the stage was still cloudy during Andie Gabauer's sound check, it was completely clear by the time he performed. Before Gabauer's rousing live show, Protestant pastor Andrei Pinte and Roman Catholic assistant pastor Fabian Drack gave their blessing to the center.


In a short speech, Mayor Karl-Heinz Koll praised the excellent cooperation between us and the city, and the Traun marching band played music for the official portion of the event. Our managing director Dominik Peherstorfer gave a speech thanking the town’s representatives and the more than 70 companies—mainly local businesses—who were involved in planning and construction. Dominik also thanked the tenants of the restaurant, retail, and office spaces, and Dr. Johann Jagersberger, who will add a health center to the Weidfeld Neighborhood Center in 2023: “All of you are bringing the district center to life with your commitment and entrepreneurial courage to close a supply gap.”


A party, almost like the old days

The spring festival started in the early evening—without masks and distancing, but with music, a great atmosphere, sunshine, and free food. Deciding to postpone the opening festival back in February was hard. But as Dominik said, that made it all the nicer to now celebrate the new Weidfeld Center just like before the pandemic: “This spring festival is our way of saying thank you to all our customers. You have turned Weidfeld into a gathering place since the very moment it opened, making St. Dionysen even more livable.”


Andie Gabauer's concert showed how well the STZ Weidfeld has already established itself as a permanent fixture in the community of St. Dionysen: The seats at all the tables were full and the dance floor was in heavy demand, not least by Dr. Jagersberger and us Avorisians.


Our party the following day was also well attended. Maguel the Magician delighted the younger guests at noon. After that, there was face painting and a whole lot of jumping in the bouncy castle, while Walter Stöger and his vocal partner provided musical accompaniment for the sold-out brunch at Stadtcafé Traun. At 5 p.m., the long-awaited lottery raffle took place, with the main prize of an electric scooter and tons of other goodies from the center. And by the time evening rolled around it was rock 'n' roll o’clock again. RockyStory kicked off the night with rock classics from the last 40 years, before Aufdraht! brought the evening and the festival to a close with Austropop hits. It was a fantastic time!

Let's get

Turning this neighborhood center into a reality required vision, political will, good planning, professional contracting companies, committed tenants, and many other strong partners for everything from financing to administration to public relations. For this reason, we decided to invite everybody involved in the project for a get-together before the official festival began. Many attended—even one guest whose own wedding was the next day! This meant that there was love in the air—along with a great deal of pride and joy about what we’ve achieved together.

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Photos: Hermann Wakolbinger, Franz Durst, Gerhard Binder, AVORIS

Video: Elisabeth Blum - Creative Garden Vienna

Thanks also to Tudi Dinu & Christoph Nestinger for the excellent organisation of the event!