Revitalization of the city center

Thanks to the recent revitalization and modernization, the historic Kremplhof is once again ready to face the future, and is almost fully rented as well. The mix of attractive residential and commercial units enhances the revitalization of Leoben’s city center.

The Kremplhof, in a central but quiet location in Leoben, has always had high standards. To ensure that this jewel of a building, which is under monument protection, really shows its best side, we carried out several modern adaptation measures after the purchase. 


Facts & Figures

  • Budget: EUR 4.7 million
  • Net floor space: ca. 3,000 m²
  • Use: Residential, offices, clinics, shops, gastronomy
  • Completion of refurbishment: 2019


A new start for the jewel in Josefee

We purchased the magnificent but aging building with around 1,000 m² of vacant space. The impressive architecture and attractive location right near the main square, a pedestrian area, and the university breathed new life into the imposing old building with a well-planned renovation and use concept. This has benefitted not only the people who rent here, but also everybody in the neighborhood, since the Kremplhof—now almost fully rented, revitalized, and state of the art—brings a fresh breeze into the city. In addition to its residences, the representative spaces of the Kremplhof are used as offices by doctors, lawyers, tax and wealth advisors, an insurance company, and as a party location. In addition, the ground floor zone has been brought to life by a co-working space and adjoining café. 

All project phases cooperated closely with the Federal Monuments Office of the City of Leoben, the commerce agency, and a public participation platform.

  • “The prosperous Leoben start-up scene is reviving idle properties, often historic buildings in the city center. This is a win-win situation that has a positive impact on the company founders, homeowners, and the town as a whole. The Kremplhof revitalization and the coworking space it now houses are fruitful examples of this successful strategy.”
    Jörg Peter Kahlbacher Operator of the AULA up coworking space at the Kremplhof in Leoben
  • “The Kremplhof is a true gem in my real estate portfolio. And AVORIS’s document preparation and availability are simply the best.”
    Peter Brucker Real estate trustee and sales partner at the Kremplhof

Fotos:, AVORIS