Closing a Gap

STZ Weidfeld is an important infrastructure project for the city of Traun. Located in a catchment area with around 25,000 households, it closes a supply gap and stimulates the local economy.


The new neighborhood center is the city’s long-planned dream project. It is all about fulfilling the needs of area residents and ensuring medical care well into the future with a comprehensive health center.


Facts & Figures

  • Budget: EUR 28 million
  • Total floor space: ca. 8,700 m²
  • Use: Office and retail space, gastronomy, health center, market square for events
  • Groundbreaking: Oct. 2020
  • Completion: Feb. 2022



The offices, shops, and food court of the finished center combine to create a new neighborhood meeting point. Events are being held in the square. A local artist’s sculpture beautifies the complex and 50 trees were planted to ensure a pleasant microclimate. The fully barrier-free center also takes into account generational change in the area and is easily navigable on foot, by bike, public transport, and automobile. Plenty of e-charging stations have also been installed. In close coordination with residents, politicians, and experts, AVORIS has carried out the development and construction of the center and managed the sale of the commercial spaces. Ideas for the center’s name were collected from local residents, and the artwork was chosen communally as well. In order to keep added value in the region, we only hired local companies to carry out the work. 


An opening
filled with joy


After the planned 14 months of construction, the STZ Weidfeld was opened in February 2022 in a small ceremony. A lavish spring festival followed in May, with everybody involved in the project and all the locals invited to join. After the STZ was blessed by a priest, the celebration got underway with lots of entertainment, rock ’n‘ roll, and refreshments. The party was part of our thanks to all the customers who have made the STZ Weidfeld a new gathering point in Traun since it opened its doors.

  • “Traun is located in one of the economically strongest and fastest growing regions of the country. In addition to residential space, there is also a need for infrastructure here. The Weidfeld neighborhood center creates an attractive hub for the daily life of our residents, and we have built it in a very short period. This is only possible if you have a highly professional partner for implementation.”
    Karl-Heinz Koll Mayor of the City of Traun
  • “The new neighborhood center really is a dream and makes our life so much easier. Once the drugstore and pharmacy are all set up, we will have everything we need right nearby.”
    The Reichl Family Residents within walking distance from the STZ Weidfeld
  • “I saw the plans and liked them so much that I immediately rented space in the new center. Today, I am extremely satisfied with my new location!”
    Claudia Stelzl-Schürer Flower shop operator in the STZ Weidfeld
  • “I've been looking for a suitable location for my primary care center for a long time—and now I finally found it. Thanks to the project developers at AVORIS, it is possible for me to focus solely on practicing medicine again.”
    Dr. Johann Jagersberger General practitioner and initiator of the primary care center project at the Weidfeld neighborhood center
  • “STZ Weidfeld was built by local companies, which simplified the cooperation and is also fully in line with my philosophy of adding value to the region. Another project together? Anytime!”
    Wolfgang Holzhaider Executive Builder at STZ Weidfeld
  • “The AVORIS team trusted us wholeheartedly and gave us complete support right from the start. This really made our location at STZ Weidfeld wonderful. The guests are speechless, business is booming, and we are happy!"
    Tudi Dinu One of the two owners of Stadtcafé Traun and the basta! – cucina italiana restaurant in STZ Weidfeld