The STZ is official!

In late May, we went public with our plans for the new St. Dionysius Neighborhood Center—and the response was overwhelming!

Our project was shown on the Infoscreens of the Linz public transport system for two full days. The Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, Kronen Zeitung, Presse, Volksblatt, tips, Mein Bezirk, the WKO Oberösterreich magazine, Bezirksrundschau, immoflash, and Immobilienmagazin all featured articles on the project.


It really did make us all very happy—and really puts the wind at our backs for finding attractive tenants. We just got that much closer to fulfilling our vision of creating a lively place to live, offering our customers a wide range of products and services that enrich and simplify their day-to-day lives