Construction Diary

You can’t saw without making sawdust! And right now at our apartment in Rokitanskygasse, that is exactly what’s happening.

The early phases of construction have been completed, and now we’re in the final push.

What all has happened?

The slanted roof is done. The roof windows and shutters, aluminum doors, and external blinds have been installed, and welding work on the substructures for the railings, stairs, and canopy roof has also been completed. The flat roof has been sealed, and sheeting has been added to the parapet. This means that the roof of LOVE Is In The Air is now tight!

We are currently working on the interior: The shell is fully insulated, and the inner walls are up, so now the raw installation of the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, and electrics are underway.


And then … drum roll … it’s just a short step away from “move-in ready”.

You make me feel like dancing............ 140 light-filled square meters on a single level and great outdoor spaces. The last of the construction should be completed by 2020.