An architectural eye-catcher with loads of domestic comfort and a creative culinary ground floor concept that promises great dining and also acts as a revitalizer for the neighborhood — it’s The Blend! Where is it? Right at the most exciting spot, in the 10th district of Vienna, right behind the Central Railway Station.


The project is in the heart of Favoriten, not far from the new Vienna Main Station and the Favoritenstraße Shopping Area. It stretches across three entire streets: Dampfgasse, Jagdgasse, and Hasengasse. Three unbelievably calm one-way avenues in the midst of a very lively district.


Why "Impulse Times 10"?

The name in German is G’mischter Block, a play on words with the traditional Viennese G’mischter Satz field blend wine that can be tasted there and a reference to the blend of different uses that can be found with the building and the blending effect of its connections to the surrounding neighborhood.


The project has been steadily and strategically planned over the course of more than three years in an intense dialogue with future users, the district council, and the experts of the City of Vienna Building and Planning Departments. The result is a highly consensual process. This makes a harmonious coexistence within the building and with the neighborhood possible, both now during the planning process and even more so once the project has been completed. And it creates a new neighborhood meeting place.


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More than just housing

Still in use as a garage today, The Blend – soon to be built – will feature modern and attractive architecture. In addition to the inviting ground floor shops, a versatile use of the 1st upper floor is also planned, with offices and a childcare facility. From the 2nd floor up, you will find residential units: technically cutting edge, homey atmosphere, private outdoor spaces, and optimized floor plans. An underground car park in the basement provides much-needed parking spaces and individual storage units. We are currently reviewing various solutions in search of preferably sustainable and ecological heating, cooling, and hot water systems.

The Process

The property was purchased in 2017 and an agreement to change the zoning was reached together with the district authorities and the neighboring residents, which became legally binding in September 2020: “In the earliest development phases, intensive dialogue with the owners in the building was initiated and continued in an ongoing process. The constructive collaboration that has resulted springs from the fact that all owners now support the existing development proposal and see their interests in it being supported. Of course, this dialogue will be continued and further synergies sought. This healthy cooperation will also be continued throughout the construction phase and once operation begins.” (Klaus Wolfinger, Project Coordinator, The Blend)

The application for a building permit will be submitted in December 2020. Construction is expected to begin in summer 2022.


Architecture: t-hoch-n Architektur

Kindergarten design: Büro Luckabauer

Restaurant design: TB PlanQuadrat Ingenieurbüro
Cost control, tendering and billing, site supervision: Klösch & Riedler GmbH
Structural engineering: gmeiner haferl ZT GmbH
Building physics, electrics and heating design (+ tendering & billing and site supervision): InPlan Ingenieure GmbH
Fire safety: ADSUM - Ingenieurbüro für Brandschutz
Surveying: Vermessung Angst ZT GmbH
Geology: 3P Geotechnik
Ground-floor restaurant: Verein Handverlesen

The Numbers (based on current design)

1,726 m² total site area
6,814 m² total usable area and open-air spaces, of which:


3,646 m² residential floor space:  

75 apartments on 2 wings

+ 911 m² private open-air spaces


1,996 m² area commerial space: 

870 m² shop locations on the ground floor 
509 m² childcare (+ separate open-air area)
616 m² offices on the 1st upper floor  

+ 261 m² open-air spaces for commerial areas


293 m² public open space:

roof garden, playground for kids and teens, terrace

124 bicycle parking rooms
35 car parking spaces (underground garage) and rentable storage rooms in the basement

DGNB gold pre-certification

End of 2021 the project The Blend was awarded gold pre-certification by the Austrian Sustainable Bulding Council.  

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Definitely with the pulse of the times!

There is probably no area currently more exciting than Favoriten, which stretches out behind the new Main Station. Nowhere in Vienna will you find more modern and exciting architecture, or more urban and population development. It is diverse and in a state of change. Modernism meets with the local color of the old worker’s quarter, Kurt Tichy’s ice cream shop, the Amalia Swimming Pool, and the Viktor Adler Market with its offshoot, the “crier’s” farmer’s market on Leibnizgasse.

At the same time, old art and cultural memorials such as Belvedere Castle and the Military History Museum can be found here. The 21er Haus exhibits modern art, and the area around the Anker Bread Factory, much deeper in Favoriten, makes another strong statement with the Ostlicht & Anzengruber Galleries and others.

And — despite being so urban and excellently connected by the traffic hub of the main railway station — there are still many wonderful green areas: the Botanical Gardens, the newly designed Helmut Zilk Park, the Schweizergarten, the Wienerberg Lakes, the Bohemian Prater, and the Löwygrube...

Favoriten polarizes... That much is clear. And for those who love it, this is the perfect place to come home to!

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