Block Party #4

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The Monday after the block party, it’s back to business as usual in our office. But the party is still the No. 1 topic of conversation at coffee breaks. Our conclusion: It was a ton of fun! And everyone agrees that it’s definitely always the guests who make the party! Add in a touch of ambience, a pinch of good weather, a spritz of mosquito spray, and a dash of summer sounds, ice-cold popsicles, and well-filled glasses. That’s all it takes to be happy.

22 June

It’s the second longest day of the year—and probably the hottest so far. At 5 p.m. everything is set up at the Vienna Urban Oasis construction site, ready for the block party.

The afternoon’s electrical slip-up has been fixed and our pulses are back to normal by the time the electrician heads out the door and the first guests start to trickle in. The square is slowly filling up with people and laughter, and the DJ is playing summery sounds. The air is hot, the drinks are cold, thirsts are slaked. Markus and his Australian colleague behind the bar are at it like two well-oiled machines. There’s Indian finger food and curries to feed any grumbling tummies.


The “serve yourself” premise proves helpful for mixing things up. On the way to the bar, at the bar, and back from the bar—there are familiar faces everywhere inviting you to stop and catch up a bit. And you might also run into previously unknown people, finally putting a face to the phone voice or email contact.

The sun sets late over the square. A preliminary, still unofficial visualization of the building that will be constructed on the spot where we are now celebrating is projected on the wall of the neighboring structure. When we have to leave a bit after 10 p.m. (noise ordinance!), it pains our hearts. It’s just so nice right now. We wish we could stay all night...


Needless to say, there was a handful of “hardcores” (which wasn’t all that small) that moved on through the night ... ;-)


We enjoyed it VERY much and say THANK YOU...


Thank you for coming and thank you for celebrating with us!

For taking the time, for an hour or for longer than planned.

For making the trip, sometimes from other states or even neighboring countries.

For choosing to come to our event among the many possibilities for the evening.

For taking the last train instead of the next train—and in some cases even spontaneously staying over in a hotel…..

Thanks for the good spirits!

And for the excellent way of working together, day in and day out.


P.S.: What is a block party?

They are put on very irregularly in one (or more) of our projects. They are movers and shakers—and are not about celebrating project milestones (we do that separately) but are a nod to our network and to life itself.


Thanks ... to “our” temporary users at Wild im West for letting this one evening be exclusive, to DJ Rapha Ready for the sounds, to the bar team and dishwashers for food and drink, and to Jasmine Bannauer for the photos that capture these fond memories