FOCUS #1: Liveable Spaces

FOCUS #1: Liveable Spaces - or: Our formula for success - There is no sure formula!

Every project is only as good as its preparation. Therefore, it will come as no surprise to you that we take sufficient time for every property development and ask many questions in advance. 

  • What are the needs of the future users?
  • What measures can we take to promote social interaction and community?
  • How do we ensure short routes?
  • What do the urban planning guidelines allow or forbid?
  • What is still missing from the location?
  • How could it be further upgraded?
  • And how can we build bridges to the immediate surroundings?

Searching for clues
for the optimal
mixture of uses

Needs assessments through personal interviews, market research and the precise analysis of already known data are part of the mandatory programme of every research. But we go far beyond that. That's why we spend many hours on-site to get a feel for the very special character of the space to be developed, which is different every time. 

Because one thing is set in stone from our point of view: There is no sure formula for the right mix of living spaces, retail, practice and office spaces. The best solution is always unique and can only develop its full potential in one location. The decisive factor is the added value we create for the residents and the immediate neighbourhood. This guiding principle has accompanied us since our early days.

added value

Regardless of whether a project is a new development or the redensification of existing areas: We always rely on proven processes and experienced partners. In doing so, we rely on our feel for the special qualities of the location, which we have developed over many years.

The Wienerwald municipality of Kaltenleutgeben, for example, has a functioning village structure with the best infrastructure. Thus, it offers ideal conditions for a homogeneous addition by our residential project

Wienerwald View

. In contrast, St. Dionysen in Traun has so far been primarily a residential area and thus became the perfect location for our new

Neighbourhood and Health Centre Weidfeld

. Visitors will find spacious business and practice areas as well as a modern marketplace that invites them to linger and socialise. The listed


in Leoben, on the other hand, offers a smooth transition between the two poles of living and working with mixed-use units. The Blend even incorporates mixed use in its name, making it an ideal revitalisation for Vienna's lively tenth district.

urban biotopes

Ideally, self-sustaining urban biotopes emerge from the well-thought-out connection of differently used spaces. A decisive element of the mosaic is the creation of public infrastructure or local amenities. This ensures the shortest possible routes, saves time and resources, and thus positively influences the quality of life. 

We believe in this and are working on it with all our might. By the way, the idea of mixed use continues for us even in classic housing projects on a small scale. "Generational living", i.e., the coexistence of people of different ages or actually barrier-free living that also includes people with disabilities, will therefore play an important role in our planning in the future.


Photos & Renderings: frame 9, Hermann Wakolbinger, Daniel Eibl,, AVORIS