FOCUS #5: Earned Trust

FOCUS #5: Earned Trust - or: We build on trust!

There are many reasons for the failure of communism. Perhaps the most fundamental lies in Lenin's credo, "Trust is good, control is better". In fact, it is the other way round. Trust forms the basis of every relationship. One must trust others to gain their trust. And one must receive trust to be able to give trust. So, trust in others does not come by itself; it only arises mutually.

is the beginning
of everything

Deutsche Bank hit the nail on the head better than Lenin: "Trust is the beginning of everything" according to their advertising slogan from 1995. Perhaps financial institutions have a deeper sense of such connections than revolutionaries. 


After all, the business model of trust is the advance: We all live on credit, so to speak, in every social relationship. If we apply this insight to the world of work, we can say: If trust is missing, we are not dealing with a proper business relationship but, at best, with a series of loose business transactions.

Quality connects!

We at AVORIS are convinced that this is particularly true of our industry, which is so complex. In real estate development, in particular, trust is the fuel for everything that is to be excellent all-round and not merely finished. For this reason, we only work with long-standing partners who share this culture of trust. Partners who value quality above all else. Partners who are on fire for our joint projects. And who always keep an eye on the added value that these large-scale tasks should bring for everyone: for project participants and financing partners, for investors, buyers and tenants, in short, users of all kinds.


In this context, we pay attention to sincere, close and transparent communication between all parties involved. Without technical jargon and without stumbling blocks in our contracts. Instead, we are always proactive and problem-aware at all times, with integrity and solution-oriented, detailed and at eye level. Our performance promises are clear and realistic; we also say no occasionally when a project would otherwise be in danger of going awry. That, too, is an indispensable foundation for trust in the construction sector.


Investing in a sense of unity

Only where there is trust can creativity come to the fore and can passion for the cause unfold. It is, therefore, no wonder that our focus is on cooperation with local and regional partner companies that identify one hundred per cent with a project on-site, can react quickly and work sustainably. Like ourselves, these companies are aware in every single step of the work of the enormous importance that these buildings hold for clients and buyers, investors and communities - importance that cannot be overestimated.

Just one example...

of many is our partnership with an Upper Austrian company that is also so highly professional because of its remarkable sensitivity to social concerns - ranging from practical rental clothing to daily hot lunches for all workers.

We are certain: Such and similar corporate cultures demonstrate that the leap of faith is by no means a mere favour; it is, above all, an investment in the invaluable benefits that stable human relationships bring to any business.

When we talk about trust, we are not talking about blind confidence, which only invites people to take advantage of it in some circumstances. Rather, we are invoking the spirit of cooperation in all its fruitful interaction and efficiency.

Photos: AVORIS