The Victoria

The Victoria

Viktoriagasse 14 / Grenzgasse 12, 1150 Vienna

Colorful. Mediterranean. Urbane. Simply beautiful. This project, The Victoria, will create 19 brand new rooftop apartments. The existing historic apartments will also be individually renovated. The location is central, the floor plans are perfect — and there is open green space in the large inner courtyard.

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Centrally located between Mariahilfer Strasse, the Westbahnhof Railway Station, and Schönbrunn Palace: This is our residential project, The Victoria.

It’s colorful here, urban and mobile, diverse in the very best of ways. Young and old, locals and newcomers, craftsmen and artists come together to create a vibrant community. A charming mix that is harmoniously carried on in The Victoria. Here, too, old and new meet, with modern attic conversions crowning the revitalized old building that has been refurbished with care to retain its special flair.

Facing the lively city, the grand, 100-year-old corner building and its addition make a striking architectural statement — while peace and quiet reign within. The atmosphere of the extensive enclosed courtyard is surprisingly Mediterranean, inviting residents to relax in privacy or to join in a neighborly chat. It feels a little like a village in the middle of city – now that’s true quality of life! 


Oak parquet in the living areas, thermally treated pine for outdoor spaces. Quality tiling and brand-name installations in the bathrooms — only the best materials have been used in order to guarantee a way of life that creates well-being. A particular highlight is that the rooftop apartments are all equipped with an automated Smart Home control system for your home’s heating, cooling, and video intercom needs. For this revitalization project, modernization while maintaining the traditional Viennese Altbau flair is top priority. 



Facts & Figures


19 rooftop apartments 47-134 m2, maisonettes and single-story units with terraces facing the expansive interior courtyard, radiant floor heating, ceiling heigt 2.50-2.75 meters

Historic building section:

Renovated historic apartments sized 31-89 m2 almost all with outdoor spaces (7-58 m2)

Ceiling height 2.70-3.30 meters 

1 shop, 53 m2

Both building sections:

Optimal floor plans range from compact to spacious, bright and friendly, only quality construction materials have been used.

The Building: Barrier-free access to almost all apartments via the new wheelchair accessible elevator shaft, renewed pipe mains, modernized stairwells and common areas. 
Special Features: Calm and spacious interior courtyard, re-interpreted traditional Viennese balcony access design, storage spaces, baby stroller room, 19 courtyard parking spaces, 63 bicycle spaces, 3 stairwells, 2 elevators.
Smart Home:

Automated home control system with many included and optional features, installed by the Hometec:

Configure a loft apartment

Configure a historic apartment

Heating: Central gas condensing boiler
Heating demand:

35.3 kWh/m2a (new section)

82.3 kWh/ m2a (old section)

Construction begin:

Spring 2016

Move-in date:

Starting autumn 2017

Our financial partners: Raiffeisenbank Region Rohrbach, Raiffeisenbank Attersee-Süd
Facilities management: Immobilienverwaltung Riefenthaler
Planning: t-hoch-n Architektur
Site management/implementation: Karl ZT GmbH
General contractor:

ARGE Grenzgasse

Josef Griessl - Hrebenda - Kontana - Biulder Group - Prefa

Statics/Inspection engineer: Dr. Ferdinand Jeindl
Building physics: Bauphysik Scherpke
BauKG: Übleis-Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
Construction progress oversight
(per Commercial Developer’s Act):
DI Rudi Kiener
Project assessment
and monitoring:
Bau- und Sachverständigenbüro HOBIGER + Partner
Smart Home control system
for loft apartments:
HOMETEC walterkreiselgmbh
Internet: Broadband connection
(optional UPC or A1)
Power company: oekostrom AG

Go shopping in the Mariahilferstrasse pedestrian zone, on Reindorfgasse with all its little artist shops, or maybe in the brand new Westbahnhof Train Station shopping center? Take a walk through Schönbrunn Park, or enjoy a cultural nugget in the Raimundtheater. Living at the Victoria means that you can choose a different option every day. 


You can reach several different supermarkets and doctor’s offices within just a few minutes walk. The same is true for schools and kindergartens (Henriettenplatz Secondary School, Friesgasse Private School, Sir Karl Popper School, Diefenbach Secondary School, Heidi Private Kindergarten and Afterschool Care, Dadlergasse Kindergarten and Nursery). 

In terms of cuisine, there is also a lot to be discovered in the area: Austrian cuisine in the Gasthaus Quell and Vikerl’s Lokal, Italian food at the Mafiosi Pizzeria, Vietnamese at the Hanoi, and burgers at the Hawidere-Beisl, one of the last "living rooms of Vienna", with all the virtues of a true local pub.



Transportation access is excellent. There are three subway lines within a 10-minute walk. Multiple tramway and bus lines make any distance short, and you can reach the west exit to the Autobahn in no time with the car — unless, of course, you want to take a train at the nearby station.

The Victoria - Details

Loft conversion or historic apartment? For personal use or as an investment? Make your dream come true. The following apartments are currently for sale. 

Prices listed below do not include 3% realtor’s fee and 20% sales tax.

New build rooftop apartments
ApartmentLiving areaOutdoor spaceStatus
    Top 51111.06 m2
 56.77 m2SOLD
    Top 5246.80 m2 22.05 m2SOLD
    Top 5349.92 m²  15.64 m2SOLD
    Top 5455.73 m² 25.39 m2SOLD
    Top 5573.81 m² 22.87 m2SOLD
    Top 5672.91 m²  16.22 m2SOLD
    Top 5748.48 m²  7.28 m2SOLD
    Top 5882.86 m²  22.36 m2SOLD
    Top 5968.68 m²  9.02 m²SOLD
    Top 6080.54 m²  61.10 m²SOLD
    Top 6165.37 m²  52.93 m²available
    Top 62133.91 m²  60.63 m²SOLD
    Top 6391.84 m²  27.05 m²SOLD
    Top 64124.96 m² 25.22 m²SOLD
    Top 6596.78 m²  6.09 m²SOLD
    Top 66116.59 m²  16.19 m²SOLD
    Top 6781.62 m²  25.19 m²SOLD
    Top 6881.87 m²  19.39 m²SOLD
    Top 69116.53 m²  33.73 m²available
Historic apartments & 1 Shop
ApartmentLiving areaOutdoor spaceStatus
    Top 1
84.35 m2
 37.12 m2SOLD
    Top 2
75.10 m2 30.56 m2SOLD
    Top 1490.51 m² 42.01 m2SOLD
    Top 1537.00 m²  23.55 m2SOLD
    Top 1672.10 m²  15.25 m2SOLD
    Top 1737.61 m²  8.38 m2SOLD
    Top 20 42.38 m² 8.34 m²SOLD
    Top 2249.77 m²SOLD
    Top 2354.65 m²  SOLD
    Top 2652.06 m²  9.33 m2SOLD
    Top 2730.10 m²  SOLD
    Top 2832.65 m²  SOLD
    Top 2951.98 m²  9.34 m²SOLD
    Top 3088.98 m²  42.53 m²SOLD
    Top 3430.84 m²  15.16 m²SOLD
    Top 3551.18 m²  29.94 m²SOLD
    Top 4242.37 m² 11.25 m²SOLD
    Top 4352.14 m²  9.34 m²SOLD
    Top 4652.81 m²  9.33 m²SOLD
    Top 4752.95 m²  9.31 m²SOLD
    Top 4830.18 m²  SOLD
    Top 4933.10 m²  SOLD
    Top 5052.73 m²  9.33 m²SOLD

Top 61 - The Victoria - 2.+3. DG

     Top 61


    Living area

65.37 m2  

    Outdoor space

52.93 m2  


362,700 Euro

Project request

Top 69 - The Victoria - 2.-3. DG + Roof terrace

     Top 69


    Living area

116.53 m2  

    Outdoor space

33.73 m2  


585,000 Euro

Project request

15 October 2018
The keys to almost all of the apartments have been handed over. Gardens, driveway, parking spaces — the entire outdoor facilities, actually — are nearly completed, and already the terraces and balconies are lovingly cared for. The grass in the private gardens may not be lush yet, but the first flowers are already in the ground. And even though daily life is still impacted a bit by the ongoing building activity, it can’t be missed: life has returned to The Victoria. The homecoming has begun — and the first residents’ meeting has even been held. Over the next few days, the site office will have to start looking for a new space so that the interior design of their former premises can get underway. By November, the keys to the few remaining apartments will be handed over.

July 5, 2018

The scaffolding towards the street is gone! The façade is bright and shiny new, and our new roof addition can now be seen in all its glory. Very impressive!
The Victoria looks quite finished from the outside, while on the inside a great number of craftspeople are simultaneously working away on the apartments and common areas. The stairwells are currently the focus, and the first cement tiles are down. Everything new, but with the same beautiful historic atmosphere.

May 22, 2018

The sign still says, “Warning. Construction Underway” at The Victoria. But not for long... in a few weeks The Victoria, our beloved project, will be done. Most of the historic apartments are completely renovated and almost all have already been passed on to the new owners. In the roof conversion, the first apartments have already been handed over, and the remaining ones will soon follow! Among other things, the shading elements are currently being installed. At the same time, there is a strong focus on the common areas: the stairwells and the cellar are being transformed, and the façade is getting a final touch up. In the very last step, the grounds will be done. The contracts have been signed, work will begin as of July... and then the beautiful interior courtyard can finally put its full charm on display!

February 1, 2018

The Victoria is currently still under wraps. For now. Because — all kind of things are happening, inside and out.As some of you may have noticed, the crane in front of the building has vanished, and Viktoriagasse is once again fully drivable. Behind the wrapper, the future plastering is already on the façade. The interior, as well, is in all stages of development. In both the historic section and the roof addition, travertine and stoneware tiles are being laid in the wet rooms, and the floor specialists are busy with the parquet. The electricians, plumbers, and master painters are also working at full steam. Steelworkers will mount the railings on the terraces and balconies of the addition in the next few days. The first exterior air conditioners are up on the roof — their interior counterparts have already been installed. And the Smart Home System has already been completed according to plan. It is now possible to enter almost all apartments through a new front door, and the first elevators have also gone into operation. Apartments are being handed over one after the other, and that since December. On that note — here’s to a speedy unwrapping!

October 31, 2017

We are working with united forces to progress construction on The Victoria — despite the unfortunate necessity of switching out some of our construction partners in recent weeks, the unplanned delays have remained quite brief.

What all has happened? In addition to the fully finished historic apartments, several other historic apartments are also in various stages of completion. While some of them are still in the raw installation phase, others already have perfect flooring and final touches on the sanitary facilities... the end is in sight!

Screed has been poured in parts of the attic addition, the building services are almost entirely installed, and most of the dividing walls are in place, creating a real feeling for the space. What we really like is the unbelievable gorgeous light that streams into the dwellings! It will be just as bright and sunny as promised!

The bearing constructions for the interior stairs and railings are standing in some of the maisonettes. Glass walls and parquet flooring will be part of the final interior finishings. The balustrade in the main stairwell has also been completed.
But what’s missing? The remaining windows need to be installed, interior drywall completed, parquet flooring and tiles laid, and sanitary installations and doors put in place. We are working full steam ahead and are full of energy!

And apropos energy: The central heating system went into operation a month ago. When finished, all apartments will be individually connected to this system (the attic with radiant floor heating, historic apartments with radiators) — and we would like to tell you a little bit about it at this point in time:

Actually, a “normal” gas boiler would have been enough. We, however, decided to install a much more complex and expensive system — namely a highly efficient combination of gas boiler, heat pump, and air conditioning.

The heat pump is run by sustainable electricity from oekostrom, produces no on-site CO2, and supports both heating and cooling. The pump creates heat energy from the outside air that is fed into the central heating pipes to reduce pressure on the boiler. This technology also cools the floors of the rooftop apartments in the summer, which decreases the load on the air conditioning system and guarantees a comfortable indoor climate — indeed, much more comfortable than conventional air conditioning. The byproduct of this cooling mode is thermal energy, which is in turn used for the hot water heater and reduces the energy consumption of the gas boiler.

This continual cycle created by the interplay of components lightens the load put on the building services, which has the following benefits:
•    Lowers energy costs through overall efficiency
•    Greatly reduces CO2 emissions by reducing energy consumption and using eco-power
•    Increases comfort by actively cooling the attic conversion apartments

And now... full of energy for the final lap!

July 26, 2017
While work on the existing building continues, and additional historic apartments are being finished up, lots is happening on the roof conversion, too. Most of windows are fully installed and the roofing has just begun. The interior is coming along well: The wiring and piping is done and the first dividing walls are telling a tale of rooms to come. It still looks like a chaotic construction site... but not for long!

18 May 2017

The first four historic apartments are already finished. They are beautiful and more are being finished as we speak! The renovation includes static retrofitting (steel framework, wall and ceiling fortification). Both elevators have been mounted, supply pipelines replaced and renewed, and all below ground cables have been laid. We will soon be able to close our “trap pit” in the courtyard and never have to open it again. Up on the roof, a lot has happened as well — you can see the progress in the windows, which will be fully mounted in the next few weeks.

21 December 2016

The carpentry work on the roof is coming along well and in just a few weeks the roof will be watertight. The first rooms are being put in and it a hint of the future views and perspectives can be deduced. The chimney walls will soon reach their final height and are then finished. Work on the elevator shafts is set to begin. In the historic building section, the renovation of the apartments is coming along well, and the old windows re being replaced with new ones. Very exciting, what’s going on these days! Seventeen apartments have already been reserved or sold — every one of them to a great buyer. We are happy about these numbers — they represent a positive balance that can let us say goodbye to the old year and look forward to a fabulous new 2017.

30 November 2016

Apartment No. 33 is finished and is now The Victoria’s model apartment! It helps potential buyers imagine how things will look when they are finished, which materials we use, and how it will generally feel to live here.
Bedroom, kitchen, & living room: Barely totaling 40 square meters, it is a small but superb flat. We think it’s turned into a great place to feel at home! Cheers to many good times here!

17 November 2016

While the renovation of the apartments in the historic section moves on at a steady clip, we have also reached the highest point of our building! The steel structure of the three-story conversion is finished and the carpenters can get to work. The future finished shape of the building can already be seen…

19 September 2016

From the cellar to the roof, construction is going strong on all fronts. The statics of the existing building are being reinforced and the mounts for what will be balconies are being added in the courtyard. The old roofing has been taken off in some spots in preparation for the first steps of the attic conversion. Construction everywhere!

20 June 2016

Everywhere you look, work is going on: While the scaffolding rises up ever higher, demolition work is being carried out in the cellar in preparation for the insertion of the foundation plate. Meanwhile, the ceilings of the historic apartments have been stripped down to their bare bones. Buckets and buckets of rubble are carted away every day.

19 May 2016

Here together, we place the first stone — The future of this building will be filled with happiness! True to this motto, we broke ground and made a toast to all who are part of this tremendous project: Our architects, the execution planners, site inspectors, HKLS, static and building physics engineers, GU and BauKG, the inspectors of our construction progress supervisors, and of course all the workers on the site. We were especially happy about the well wishes we received from Vera Biedermann, Chair of the Urban Development Committee. Representatives of our facilities management partner and our financing institution celebrated with us, along with our partners from HOME ROCKET, who are currently hosting The Victoria on their crowdfunding platform, and the ITH Schantl team, who are experienced sellers of our real estate. A good time was had by all! Here’s to a great future...

11 May 2016

If it looks like a construction site — then it is one! We are happy to announce the start of construction at The Victoria.
The site office is set up and scaffolding will go up within the next few days — next week we will celebrate the official groundbreaking ceremony.

WINTER 2015 / SPRING 2016

We currently in the process of obtaining the necessary permits and allowances for a construction begin.
The groundbreaking ceremony is planned for Spring 2016.

We are delighted that you are interested in The Victoria project! 

Samir Agha-Schantl from ITH Schantl Realtors is our man for sales.

You can reach him anytime at +43 (0) 660/47 01 793.

To contact you, please provide the following information about yourself: