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Enns & Asten / Upper austria

Together with four housing developers from Upper Austria, we have acquired a tract of land sized roughly 165,000 square meters, located on the border between the towns of Enns and Asten – with an idyllic lakefront setting! About 1,400 new residential units will be built there over the next few years.

The 165,000-square-meter parcel is located on the border between Enns and Asten. This area is known as the Zitzler Grounds, and gravel mining was carried out here in the past. It includes Aschenbrenner Lake and its surroundings, taking up around 80,000 square meters.


Together with our project partners, the public housing companies WAG Wohnungsanlagen Gesellschaft m.b.H, GIWOG, Neue Heimat, and OÖ Wohnbau, we have purchased these properties from Alois Zitzler, the developer, with the aim of building high-quality and modern dwellings there in the future.

By means of a cooperative procedure, over the next few months, the development plans will be developed working together with the communities of Enns and Asten. Aschenbrenner Lake will play a central role, and will be made accessible to residents as a recreation area. Special attention will also be given to infrastructure and mobility.

Up to 1,400 residential units will be built on the property in the long term, with development being divided into phases and completed over several years.  


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Lebenswert wohnen

The development is already well-situated with ideal connections to the Autobahn, the federal highway, and public transit links to the city centers of Linz and Steyr.
The region is extremely livable, and feels both urban and village-like. Numerous schools and kindergartens are located in Enns and Asten – so education is right nearby.

The thriving Enns harbor, the bakery goods manufacturer backaldrin, the dm drugstore chain distribution center, and the Sopro chemical manufacturing company are just a few examples of large employers established in the region.

One of Austria’s oldest cities, Enns has numerous historical attractions. Along with the Lauriacum Museum, Ennsegg Castle, the City Tower, and churches dating back centuries, there are also all kinds of contemporary offerings, like the Enns Art Mile, cultural centers, cultural events, and concerts. Enns is also the first Austrian city to join the Città Slow movement, which is about sustainability, the preservation of nature, identity and cultural heritage, the living quality of everyday life, the regional economy, and creating local jobs.
For exercise and relaxation, there are numerous sporting activities, from tennis, volleyball and barge-poling to a skate park, an outdoor swimming pool, and a sauna. A singing circle, the Goldhaubengruppe, and several farmers’ markets honor local traditions. Situated along the Danube bike trail and the Austrian Romantic Road, the charming town guarantees relaxing hours in a wonderful scenic setting.

Asten, located west of Enns, is a bit smaller. It is marked by historic and new single-family homes, a semi-rural pattern, and a mix of older and modern housing. And there is no lack of recreational fun in this idyllic village atmosphere: along with classic activities like football, tennis, horseback riding, and beach volleyball, the people of Asten especially love being so close to the blue waters of the popular Au-See Lake.

Enns and Asten have joined the Enns-Steyr power network, together with the municipalities of Dietach, Hargelsberg, Kronstorf, St. Florian, Steyr, and Wolfern, in order to co-ordinate regional development and create economic boosts for the region.

In 2018, the theme of the Upper Austrian Regional Exhibition was “The Romans at the Danubian Limes in Upper Austria”, centered on the region around Enns-Asten.

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