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Impulse Times 10

Dampfgasse/Jagdgasse/Hasengasse, 1100 Vienna

An architectural eye-catcher, technically state-of-the-art, outfitted with loads of domestic comfort — and a creative culinary ground floor concept that promises great dining. This brand new project will act as a stimulator for the neighborhood! Where is it? Right at the most exciting spot, in the 10th district, behind the Main Railway Station.

Our new project is in the heart of Favoriten, not far from the new Vienna Main Station and the Favoritenstraße Shopping Area. It stretches across three entire streets: Dampfgasse, Jagdgasse, and Hasengasse. Three unbelievably calm one-way avenues in the midst of a very lively district.


Why "Impulse Times 10"?

Because our new project is creating an impulse, a stimulus! Still used as a garage currently, a modern, architecturally exciting apartment building will be built here in the years to come: technologically up-to-date, maximum living comfort, and with optimal floor plans, each apartment will of course have its own private outside area. An underground parking garage will provide the needed parking spaces and storage areas.

The ground floor will have a special design. Our concept — going along with Mayer Ludwig’s idea of the “super general store” — is to present and distribute select regional culinary items, coupled with regular special events such as cooking classes, tastings, and lectures held in a large events room with professional cooks from the world of fine dining. This will be a place where local products are celebrated and the neighborhood activated and enriched. To make sure that the entire neighborhood benefits from our project, the events space will be made available for external events, seminars, and celebrations.

The property is currently in the process of being rezoned. The detailed planning phase will begin as soon as the rezoning has been completed.


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Definitely with the pulse of the times!

There is probably no area currently more exciting than Favoriten, which stretches out behind the new Main Station. Nowhere in Vienna will you find more modern and exciting architecture, or more urban and population development. It is diverse and in a state of change. Modernism meets with the local color of the old worker’s quarter, Kurt Tichy’s ice cream shop, the Amalia Swimming Pool, and the Viktor Adler Market with its offshoot, the “crier’s” farmer’s market on Leibnizgasse.

At the same time, old art and cultural memorials such as Belvedere Castle and the Military History Museum can be found here. The 21er Haus exhibits modern art, and the area around the Anker Bread Factory, much deeper in Favoriten, makes another strong statement with the Ostlicht & Anzengruber Galleries and others.

And — despite being so urban and excellently connected by the traffic hub of the main railway station — there are still many wonderful green areas: the Botanical Gardens, the newly designed Helmut Zilk Park, the Schweizergarten, the Wienerberg Lakes, the Bohemian Prater, and the Löwygrube...

Favoriten polarizes... That much is clear. And for those who love it, this is the perfect place to come home to!

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