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Our Partners

Developing real estate is a very complex process. Competence and experience in many different areas are needed.
This is why we work closely together with specialists from various fields of expertise. Our goal is always to establish a close, stable, fair, and enduring partnership. We ask a lot of our partners, and it is not always easy to live up to our requirements! Our long-term partners, however, have successfully won our confidence and confirm our trust each and every day.
For this, we are thankful!

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We have worked closely together with the t-hoch-n architectural firm from the very beginning – years of sharing an office has made us into a tight-knit family. Even today, only a few 100 meters separate our offices, making communication paths short and efficient. We trust each other and speak the same language when it comes to visionary thinking, sustainable planning, and economic goals!

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Riefenthaler Real Estate Management

Our dependable partner for property management! Years of experience, accuracy, excellent service, and always an open ear for people who make an AVORIS apartment thier home.

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Sustainability is important each and every day. Our buildings are supplied with electricity from renewable sources. This is guaranteed by ö

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fredmansky are the excellent designers who make sure that when it’s all about AVORIS, it looks like AVORIS. First, they brought our CI into the world, and now they make sure it is carried forward with finesse, and work with us to ensure its active further development. We are very happy about these highly constructive and fruitful cooperations.

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Business consulting firm klink+partner are specialized in ensuring that companies are ready for the future. We are convinced that — no matter how important innovation and technology becomes — people will remain the key business factor. That’s why AVORIS trusts the tried and true “second opinion” of klink+partner going forward towards our goals.

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You can’t not communicate. RAFFEINER REPUTATION helps get our message across in just the right way. Our trusted communications agency is specialized in strategic communications consulting, positioning, media management, and public relations.