Building // Coming home 15.05.2019

What’s up at the Kremplhof?

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The Kremplhof is impressive. It’s potential is unmistakable. At the same time, the building had a significant number of vacancies when we first started out, a good indicator of the urgent need for renovation. And so, when it became part of the AVORIS family of companies, we began the mission of returning this jewel to the state it deserves to be in …

Heating, electrical systems, windows, floors, and walls — all in consultation with the future tenants — were only part of our extensive renovation program, which is being carried out entirely in collaboration with local companies. Seeing the need to equip the Kremplhof with the internet technology of the future, we went in search of a fiber-optic provider. It wasn’t easy to find an attractive offer, but we finally succeeded. This is not only interesting for the private households of the Kremplhof, but especially for the companies that will reside here in the future.


Suite 25 has just been completed — a dream of a traditional historic office space. The software development department of the Aurena Group, based in Niklasdorf, will soon have their new headquarters here. We had the privilege of seeing their future office furniture — looks like things will be pretty swanky in here! The fantastic spaces open up so many opportunities …

No stone left unturned — that’s the motto of the Suite 4 renovation. We are very happy to announce that we have finalized our latest tenant contract with MCL, the Materials Center Leoben — a flagship in Austrian materials research.

The 300-m² office unit is now being extensively renovated, and the move-in date is the 1st of August. We look forward to seeing the finished spaces that will provide this company’s research with a new home.

We were also able to draw up a lease for Suite 23: Alexander Moser, a partner of Aristid Personalberatung, a human resources firm, will open a new branch office here.


The move-in date for Suite 2 is practically ancient history — Patrick Stix was the first to show interest in the empty business spaces of the Kremplhof and therefore also the very first new tenant. His interior decor is a successful blend of old and new elements, bringing a breath of fresh air to the premises of his office for Business and Investment Consulting.

The Jilek Sommer Law Firm has been a resident of the Kremplhof for many years. Now they have expanded. In Suite 26 — just one floor above the original premises — you will now find a newly renovated, perfectly rewired, already occupied office space.

And then there was the water damage in a courtyard passageway. In close coordination with the Federal Monuments Office, and thanks to its funding support, we have restored it true to the original state — and the results are exceptionally beautiful!