Something personal 23.05.2019

3rd Blockparty

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When we invite you to one of our block parties, we are also inviting you to see one (or more) of our projects. For just one day, we transform the site into our very own party location. This year, we held our celebration at the Kremplhof in Leoben, already an impressive gem of a historic building.

How was it? Fantastic!

A beautiful courtyard in a building everybody fell a little bit in love with. A trellis of torches and flowers led to the heart of the celebration. We had a pop-up gallery in the courtyard house. Lanterns in the trees, soft music, birdsong, cheerful voices, and laughter. Sunshine! A day filled with sunshine in an otherwise very rainy month of May. For this we are thankful!


Delicious pulled beef, pork chops from the grill, vegetables, salads, Schwedenbomben as a sweet Vienna souvenir, deliciously chilled Styrian beer, and wine from our vintner friends. We are happy so many enthusiastic guests showed up at this perfect opportunity to get to know the Kremplhof tenants even better. Such fine people! With humor, openness, and party stamina. This was an opportunity for old and new tenants to get back in touch with each other. High spirits overall and lively discussions!

Of course, there was also a speech — moderated by Silva. She spoke about our passion for life, which she noticed right off the bat when we met, and asked our four partners to share a bit about their respective areas of expertise. And about what and who it takes to complete a project successfully, from purchase to completion.


And then a few more words were said ... From the heart. Empowering. Moving. And some even surprising!

Peter Brucker, our realtor in Leoben, mentioned our spirit, which he feels every time we meet. He emphasized how we always respond to his concerns right away, provide him with excellent materials and information, and expressed his admiration for the fact that we hired only local companies for the Kremplhof renovation (something not to be taken for granted). He said that he couldn’t imagine a better successor as owner of the building. We thank you for the words — and for your dedication!


National Councilor Birgit Sandler, speaking on behalf of the Mayor of Leoben, made everyone laugh with a wink and her warm-hearted words. She quoted from our Founding History — telling about the one idea born on two balmy nights after three bottles of wine by four young men … and now AVORIS’s fifth birthday is being celebrated. She went on to mention that on the one hand, she didn’t quite believe that there were only three bottles of wine, and on the other, she praised our decision to move our fifth birthday party to Leoben, thought that our choice to buy the Kremplhof proved a sixth sense, suspected we wore seven-league boots to get here so quickly, is very pleased to celebr-eight with us, and congratulated the nine ladies in the team (and the men as well) on taking care of our ten projects with such expertise. Hats off for the word games!


And then came Master Painter Fuchs. He told about how, almost 30 years ago, his very first job was right here at the Kremplhof, and how over the years he had grown quite fond of the building and was very pleased to have now been hired by us for the renovation project. His charming wife had told him that he couldn’t arrive at our party empty-handed — and while thinking about what could be the perfect truly sustainable gift, he had an idea. At that point, he brought out a magnificent grapevine — with green grapes, the kind he loves. He wished the residents and us an ample harvest and asked permission to stop by to snack on some grapes now and then once he is retired. This was met with great approval and applause. Many, many thanks!

To all our business partners, investors, bankers, realtors, architects, lawyers, contractors, craftspersons, friends & family, supporters, consultants, and sharers of our vision! To all down-to-earth caretakers and sure-handed creatives — from near and from afar: THANK YOU for coming to our celebration and — most of all — thank for your hard work throughout the year!

The night grew long, a fire kept us warm. It was a really nice time! A great time, in fact!


Until the next time ... somewhere & sometime.
See you ... at the next blockparty!