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It's like being on vacation!

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WILD IN THE WEST, the temporary use on our Vienna Urban Oasis building site, opened with the start of May. At the opening pre-party on 29 April, guests drank the bar dry—but no worries, it has been well stocked ever since. Around 10,000 visitors came to the first four market weekends—even despite the sporadic bad weather. And this new "open-air living room" in the 15th district receives its fair share of visits during the week as well. It is a calm and relaxed space that brings a little holiday joy into your everyday life. There’s gravel crunching beneath your toes, music and excitement in the air, flowering plants, fairy lights shining, and people everywhere with smiles on their faces.


Outdoor living room. Exhibition space. Garden. Bar. Discussion forum. Open-air cinema. Chill-out zone. Food court. Photo booth. Neighborhood get-together. Playground for the young and old. Library. Flea market and market for flowers, vinyl, ceramics, and much more. Concerts. And music played by tape is super smooth as well.


Wild in the West is far from finished—and in fact never will be finished, which is exactly what makes the place so magical. It is an incredible hybrid of wonderful things. Malleable. Alive. And there is so much to come: installations, performances, poetry slams and readings, yoga, a circus, dinner under the stars, dance and DJ nights …

where good
things happen...

We are tremendously proud of WILD IN THE WEST. It has become a truly excellent place, a space for what feels like a vacation, with inspiration right around the corner—and all this at a site that would usually lie ominous and fallow, locked away: a vacant lot. We were asked to put up huge billboards and even install a parking lot. We could have made good money. But honestly—is that interesting? No. 


As long as we haven’t starting building yet and are thus in the process of creating a different quality of life, we want to put this valuable, inner-city site that we own to meaningful use. Proactively. Opening the space and making it truly public. Creating a space for people to come together. 

The bottom line:

This was an experiment—and we are very glad we had the courage to do it. 

We are also very happy to now be so well networked through Creative Spaces Vienna, who brought us together with interim use pioneer David Kreytenberg, the person responsible for the programming, aesthetics, and content of WILD IN THE WEST. Nine months ago, David convinced us of his concept, and now he and his team (the Babu-Bar, Garbanzo Foodtruck, Studio Seis, Moisturride Kiosk, Wiener Dachfarm, and many more) continue to inspire us every day with the reality.

It’s easy to start a conversation at WILD IN THE WEST

... which is why we collected a few comments for you:

 * Young man at the bar: “I live right around the corner and wanted to see what’s happening here. It turned out great.”

* Group of friends sunbathing on the outdoor furniture: “I had heard about it and then just happened to ride past on the tram and decided to hop out because it looked so inviting. Then I called my friends from the 17th and 21st districts to come and join me. Now we're here and we think it's just great!”

* Family with baby: “We live upstairs in The Victoria so that’s how we found out about it. We like it here.”

* A neighbor: “It's way better than I thought it would be.”

* Another neighbor: “Finally, something’s really happening here!”

* Group of friends playing a board game: “We moved our weekly game night here because it’s so comfortable and cozy!”

* Flea market seller Eva: “The atmosphere here at WILD IN THE WEST is wonderful. The visitors are all smiling, it’s just great!”

  • “The nice thing about interim uses is that they enter into a dialogue with the urban development that is happening, creating a temporary and very momentary zero space. The goal is to create a breeding ground for an open cultural scene—and this here is the perfect playground. We are completely satisfied.”
    David Kreytenberg WILD IN THE WEST / YesUs Konzeptbuero
  • “We are very happy with the successful kick-off to the WILD IN THE WEST project. Great ideas and considerable sweat equity came together to create an exciting meeting place in a vacant lot. It's wonderful that AVORIS decided to make the space available. We hope the example catches on, because the need for space for creative uses remains a hot topic here in Vienna.”
    Uli Fries Creative Spaces Vienna
  • “We are not only providing a stage to fill, we also had very specific ideas from the outset as to how an urban interim use could further increase the quality of life in an already lively neighborhood. We really like what David Kreytenberg has done together with his team and a lot of spirit and activism!”
    Christian Sageder AVORIS
  • “It's like being on vacation! You sit there with your toes in the gravel and all around you is the gentle sound of the city, while the palm trees blow in the wind...”
    Ela Flohmarktstandlerin & Besucherin
  • “As adjacent residents, WILD IN THE WEST has upgraded our neighborhood in a very special way. Instead of walking past a dreary wasteland every day, all kinds of people from the neighborhood meet here to exchange ideas and enjoy the events. It’s a great addition to the goings-on in our community, even if it's only temporary.”
    Erika & Brandon Pärchen aus der Nachbarschaft


Cats also enjoy the WILD IN THE WEST!!!

You can read here about the background of the temporary use - and the programme for June & July can be viewed here.


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Photos: Wild im West/Clara Maria Fickl, Elisabeth Blum, AVORIS

Video: Elisabeth Blum